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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

There is no overall organization that is responsible for all the Gurdwaras in the UK or even throughout the world. Instead the sangat (congregation) from each Gurdwara elects a Management Committee that will have executive responsibility for the day to day management of the Gurdwara in accordance with the Sikh Code of Practice.

The committee is also responsible for the appointment of the Granthi, the custodian of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is because Sikhism does not have priests as they were abolished by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Any Sikh is free to read the Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the Gurdwara or in their home.

The present committee was elected in May 2010 and it's term of office will end in May 2012.

Members of the committee include:

General Secretary
Sukhjinder Singh Sarai
Mohinder Singh Sultanpuria

Stage Secretery
Sukdev Singh Bath
Nirmal Singh Garewal
Joginder Singh Hayre

Secretery to the Treasury
Avtar Singh Bains
Jasvir Singh Bachra
Jit Singh Basra
Gurnek Singh Moore
Balbir Singh Thandi

Shangara Singh Bhandal
Bhadhur Singh Shokker

Harjinder Singh Aujla
Kuldip Singh Bains
Ajmer Singh Garewal
Ramnik Kaur Rai

Major Singh Sidhu
Barinderjit Singh (Computer Main)
Sukhwinder Singh (Gen Main)

Utensils/Kitchen/Store Di Seva
Gurmakh Singh Akalirai
Dev Singh Bagri
Dev Singh Khera (Suma)
Paramjit Singh Sarpanch
Joginder Singh
Surjit Singh

General Duties
Dhyan Singh
OCI & Applications
Gian Singh Nijjer

Rent Collection/Treasure
Onkar Singh Athwal
Langer De Seva
Charn Kaur Hayer
Jasvir Kaur
Manjit Kaur
Ranjit Kaur
Swarn Kaur
Nirmal Kaur Padda

Parsad Di Seva
Amar Singh Ajula
Lamber Singh Akalirai
Ajit Singh Bassi
Sohan Singh Katain
Balwant Singh Khanpur
Keshar Singh Rai
Darshan Singh Raipur-Daba
Atma Singh Sidhu
Surinder Singh

Members of the Trustees include:
Mr Gurpal Singh Gill
Mr Gurmit Singh Malla
Mr Jagdev Singh Mavi
Mr Gurdev Singh Samra
Mr Piara Singh Sangha
Mr Avtar Singh Sarai
Mr Amrik Singh Sidhu
Mr Santokh Singh
Mr Harbans Singh Thandi