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roti_makingThe Walsall Guru Nanak Sikh Temple held its camp during the first week of August. Approximately 350 children attended a 5 day program. The organisers put together a special program which allowed the children to learn about Sikhism, the lifestyle of a Sikh and Sikhism’s principles. The speciality of this camp was that children did not just sit through talks but they also got involved in more practical activities for example Hari Sahib taught about physical and mental health. Having done some yogic exercises the kids felt more energetic.


Many other interesting activities were organised like in the langar hall the kids tried to compete to make the roundest roti which everyone enjoyed. Furthermore, the kids learnt about seva in theGurdwara and at home. They were also given a special chance to learn how to tie Dastaars and actually had a go at tying them on each other. Everyone did this with an extremely positive attitude.


In this camp we had many respectable Kathedaars come to teach the kids like Bhai Amardeep Singh Ji who taught about the importance of Simran and the sacrifices of the Gurus. This was taught in order to inspire the children. Bhai Manveer Singh Khalsa showed a shocking video which showed how people in the Punjab have less general knowledge about Sikhism. Having watched this, everyone endeavoured to do their utmost in learning more about Sikhism. Bhai Roop Singh Ji asked some very deep questions whose answers were quite philosophical which allowed the kids to learn even more.


Having spent three days in Walsall, the kids with their families all went to Western Supermare. Approx. 800 passengers travelled in 5 double decker and 10 normal coaches early in the morning to the seaside. Fortunately the weather was pleasant and it didn’t rain too much. Moreover, there was not a lack of entertainment because for the whole day everyone went sight seeing, especially on the new pier where there were new rides. On the last day the kids received prizes and listened to Kirtan so that they keep their mind interested in Sikhism and on the right track.


It is hoped that in the coming years more kids will attend so that they can benefit from the Gurmat camps.

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